SpectraActivated Oil – 1:11:1 CBD:THC

CBD: 41.1%
THC: 39.15%




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Spectra activated oil offers unique ratio multi-strain full spectrum formulas with varying percentages of CBD to THC in order to maximize desired effects while minimizing the side effects, allowing patients to achieve a state of comfort. Additionally, Spectra complete full spectrum activated oil contains additional cannabinoids to provide additional benefit to patients across multiple conditions. Spectra whole plant full spectrum activated oil is made through a slow, delicate, and precise extraction process allowing the oils to retain the complete terpene profile of their parent strain variety, flavoring the oil with a floral flavor profile and enhancing the cannabinoid effectiveness.This is a very potent form of cannabis medicine. Recommended dose is the size of a grain of rice, placed sublingually, or under the tongue.

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