Pre-Filled Cartridge – Revolution – Banana Punch (Hybrid)

THC: 80
CBD: 0.22




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(Banana OG x Purple Punch)Banana Punch is a potent combo of two hard-hitting strains typically reserved for experienced smokers. Expect an aroma of ripe bananas and fruity and a flavor profile that lives up to its name. A delightful essence of bananas and berries is apparent in the flavor along with the strong OG spice that speaks to the sheer potency of this strain. The high of Banana Punch is tranquilizing and a bit of a creeper, as it slowly yet unrelentingly induces a deep state of full body relaxation. This strain offers a great balance of euphoria and health benefits. It can be used to alleviate chronic pain or just melt the stress from a long day, offering a deep state of full body relaxation.

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