RevolutionHoney Crystals 1g – Thunder Cookies (Indica Hybrid) (Revolution)

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(Alaskan Thunder x GSC)Thunder Cookies is a potent hybrid, proprietary to revolution, crossing two cult-followed strains; Alaskan thunder and GSC. Alaskan thunder is a sativa dominant strain hailing from the Matanuska Valley in Alaska: the strain is alleged to have been crossed with the less known third species of the cannabis plant, Russian Ruderalis. GSC is a hybrid cross originating inCalifornia, of two more popular strains: OG kush and Durban Poison. Thunder Cookies’ famous lineage produces a relaxing euphoric effect, which many patients look to for aiding with severe pain and nausea.TERPENE PROFILEBeta-Myrcene: Has a clove/musky aroma and is great for sedation, pain, sleep, and muscle tension.Beta-Caryophyllene: Has an aroma described as clove, dry, spicy, and woody; this terpene is neuroprotectant, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant, and offers great promise for auto-immune disorders.Elemene: Has a sweet, floral aroma; this terpene is known for its anti-inflammatory, pain relieving effects and can also decrease side effects of chemotherapy or increase activity of certain chemotherapies and radiation.Limonene: Has a citrus, sweet aroma and generally has mood elevation and euphoria as typical effects, which can aid with anxiety and depression.Alpha-Humulene: Has an earthy, woody, spicy aroma and is known for anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and appetite supressing properties.

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