CrescoLive Resin 1g – KT Dawg (Hybrid) “Sugar” (Cresco)

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$65.00- $1,820.00

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(Kunduz x Tang Tang x Stardawg)KT Dawg offers a complex mixture of effects that soothes and uplifts. This hybrid blends anti-inflammatory pain relief and pleasurable physical effects with a focused, cerebral buzz. KT Dawg’s aroma is pungent, reeking of skunk and forest floor. The earthy terpenes mellow on the palate while stimulating appetite and creativity. Symptoms treated: lack of appetite, stress, depression, nausea, anxiety, pain.Live Concentrates are produced by flash-freezing fresh flower immediately after harvest and maintaining freezing temperatures during the extraction process, to preserve terpenes otherwise lost during curing.

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