MatterMeltdown (Hybrid) – 1/8 (PharmaCann)

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(Orange Valley OG x The Cube)This stress-relieving hybrid hails from two very well-known strains in the cannabis industry, Orange Valley OG and The Cube. Meltdown is both fruity and sweet with aromas of lime and bubble gum that ultimately develop into a menthol and bubble gum flavor with citrus notes. Meltdown produces dense colas with buds that are oily and sugary in appearance, which is reflected in the high terpene levels it yields, making this strain ideal for managing stress and anxiety disorders. Top terpenes in this strain include: terpinolene, beta myrcene, limonene, elemene.TERPENE PROFILEMyrcene – Has a clove/musky aroma and is great for sedation, pain, sleep, and muscle tension.Limonene – Has a citrus, sweet aroma and generally has mood elevation and euphoria as typical effects, which can aid with anxiety and depression.Alpha/Beta Pinene – Has a woody, pine-like forest aroma; this terpene is anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, promotes alertness and memory retention, and is great for asthmatics as it is a bronchodilator as well. Pinene is recommended for those with ADD/ADHD, Alzheimer’s and dementia, but not for those with PTSD or one with negative memories.Alpha-Terpineol – Has a lilac aroma and is found in many common household items, fragrances, foods and beverages. This terpene is a natural sedative, antibiotic and antioxidant that can help treat tumors, inflammation, anxiety and malaria. 

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